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I am the mother of two artist. One is a competitive dancer and the other is a thespian. Anyone who is in the world of performing arts knows there are expenses and fees that come with the territory. You have weekly classes, competition, costumes, and don’t forget travel. The items I listed are just a few that I now cover with the funds earned through Chasse’ Your Dreams. As parents, we want what is best for our children but sometimes cost makes certain experiences a challenge. This barrier has been removed.

Doors have opened up and things have become possible because of Chasse’ Your Dreams. This organization has allowed me to fund my children’s dreams with minimal impact to our family budget. I can work as a volunteer at several entertainment venues in the Tampa Bay area while earning money towards my children’s art related activities. I have found myself at such events as Lightning hockey games, Tampa Bay Buccaneer football games and let’s not forget the Super Bowl. Although you are working, you are having fun.

Superior training is now within reach for my children. Experiences are no longer limited and the Chasse’ Your Dreams has played a large role in this!

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